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My name is Kay Wilkinson and I am a Youth Leader from Kingdom Faith Yorkshire.
Scarborough Christian Youth is a group organised with the aim of getting together the young people, 11-18yrs, who attend Church regularly throughout the Scarborough area. In the past we have organised events such as barbecues, a cliff top walk and bowling. We have had events with more of a Christian focus – movie / quiz nights or conferences. We even had a fundraiser for the Rainbow centre, organised and run by the young people.
After much prayer and encouragement we have formed a new group of Youth leaders from different congregations in Scarborough and we would like to restart these social events for our young people. It will be a great opportunity to give as many youth as possible, from different Churches, the chance to get to know each other. At these events in the past we have seen friendships form and Christian Faith discussed between young people with differing Church backgrounds. They do not have many opportunities to do this elsewhere and our heart has always been for the small groups of young people we serve to have the chance to get together and often they have realised there are more of them than they thought!
Bless you.