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Pregnancy Crisis



Scarborough Pregnancy Crisis Centre seeks to help those experiencing a crisis pregnancy. We offer a free pregnancy test and counselling, which is offered by volunteer counsellors, most of whom have experienced a crisis pregnancy themselves. The main focus is to allow the woman some listening space and time so she can really sort out for herself her best way forward, considering several options, and avoid making a quick decision which she may later regret. A male counsellor is also available if required. The Centre offers baby clothes and equipment to women who need it, and advice on support agencies in the locality. Post abortion counselling is also available. Support is also available for those who have experienced miscarriage or baby loss.



Greetings to all our supporters as the Pregnancy Crisis Centre passes its 16th. Anniversary. We thank you for your continued support.
Over the years, the Pregnancy Crisis Centre has helped around 1,300 women, including 83 in 2012. However, the numbers are less significant than the way in which many of these women in crisis have felt their lives transformed by the support they received.
2012 was a significant year for us as Michelle Williams, Centre manager, has trained a group which will offer pregnancy crisis support as part of the project at the former vicarage at Eastfield. There will be a measure of overlap between the two groups, at Parish House, Castle Road and the new group at Eastfield, sharing experience, equipment and expertise.
The Centre led several pregnancy themed PHSE lessons  at St. Augustine School last term.
Meanwhile, the Centre continues its support to those caught up in a crisis pregnancy. The work has broadened since we began in 1997. In 2012 our volunteers have travelled out to Whitby, Filey and Eastfield to offer appropriate emotional and practical support, meeting a range of needs.
We now offer trained support for those affected by miscarriage and baby loss, as well as  support for post abortion sufferers, these women often emotionally affected many years after their abortion. Our main focus continues to be the offering of a compassionate listening ear to those whose pregnancy presents a crisis, in a non –threatening place where the woman can think through her options carefully and without pressure. One thing we can offer here is  an unlimited amount of time, which is what many of our clients need.
We also have a range of  second hand baby clothes and equipment which we can give out to families with toddlers who are struggling to make ends meet. Any donations of such items are always welcome.
We are open at Parish House, on the corner of Auborough Street and Castle Road on Mondays 3 till 5 and Wednesdays 12 till 2, or an appointment can be made outside of these hours. We liaise well with the Rainbow Centre which is in the other side of the building. Our number is 352100 and we continue under the umbrella of CareConfidential, see www.careconfidential.com.
We continue as a group of volunteers, from 9 different churches and 5 different denominations, grateful for your support and concern. Many thanks.
Joe Coates [chairman]


* Please note PCC are not able to refer driectly for abortion


Update - 2017:

Here is an update of the current arrangements for the Pregnancy Crisis Support Centre, for your own information and for hopefully inclusion of some of the details in your newsletters and magazines. 
You will be aware that CTIS have supported us from our beginnings in 1997 and we would like to express our sincere gratitude for that faithful support over 20 years.
Recently the Centre has significantly changed arrangements in supporting clients, though they are very much still functioning as a Centre, based in the Rainbow Centre building, at the top of Auborough Street.
There are no more drop-in sessions, though appointments can be arranged in three different ways:
the new phone number 07544484943
the website  www.pcs-scarborough.org
call the Rainbow Centre [500663] or simply call in, ask for Trish Kinsella, who will arrange an appointment.
 Some clients continue to need significant support through their particular crisis, which is generally complicated, and requires a number of counselling sessions or longer term befriending. Many clients face difficult problems, particularly baby loss and post abortion regrets, and the Centre offers that support.
At Pregnancy Crisis Support, help is available for any caught up in a crisis pregnancy, any needing practical support or struggling emotionally after abortion, any affected by miscarriage or baby loss. 
The team are trained volunteers and include: university trained counsellors, people with NHS work experience and people who have experienced a crisis pregnancy themselves.
During its 20 years service, Pregnancy Crisis Support has supported well over a thousand clients.
Many thanks for your support,
in Jesus’ name
 Michelle Williams, Centre manager