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Faith in Scarborough Schools

FISS or Faith in Scarborough Schools is Christian charity devoted to sharing God's meassage of love to children and young people in Scarborough. Our Office is situated at St james Arts Centre Seamer Road. FISS is run by Bruce Clark. The aim of FISS is to communicate the Christian faith in ways that young people and children will appreciate. Where are we most likely to find them - in Church? No. In Schools! Furthermore the Educational Reform Act of 1998 stipulates that religious education should be "wholly or mainly of a broad Christian character". This means we have an open door into schools to share wisely and sensitively the Christian faith.

It was the Education reform act that first stimulated us to look further into the possibility of a Schools Work in Scarborough. 11 years ago we set up the charity which once started at 2 days a week soon, because of the generosity of local Christians and Churches became a full time work. We started doing Rock Solid clubs, and assemblies and the work soon mushroomed to what it is today. My monthly diary will be on display and available on the website soon as will the Youth Workers Prayer Monthly diary.