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Barrowcliff Churches Project

Over recent years the churches around the Barrowcliff Estate have been working together increasingly for the estate. A number of events have been organised by the churches, working together with the Barrowcliff Residents Association. These include activities and a joint Christmas card for several consecutive Christmases, and barbecues and parties celebrating the Royal Wedding of 2011 and and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. As well as these very visible events, there has been a growing relationship between the churches, as we have worked together on regular activities.

In 2010 the churches were approached by local residents with a request for a luncheon club, and the “Pop-In” was born. A lively group of people meet every Monday at Wreyfield Drive Methodist Church from 10 am for coffee, conversation, scrabble, dominoes, and other activities. They then share lunch together. The “Pop-In” is run by people from several local churches, with support from members of the local community. New members are always welcome.

In 2011 a Messy Church was set up by people from the churches working together. This group also meets at Wreyfield Drive, on one Saturday morning each month (usually the first Saturday), and is aimed at families. There is always a theme. Games, activities and crafts help everyone to explore the theme in an enjoyable way. Refreshments are offered from the beginning, and parents can join in with the activities with their children, or relax with the Saturday papers or chat - whatever they want to do. Towards the end of the morning there is a short act of lively worship, then we eat lunch together. Messy Church is free, and is run by people from several of the local churches. (The next one is on Saturday October 6th at 11.00 am)

In 2012 the churches again came together to help set up the Barrowcliff Community Choir, which meets every Thursday from 3.30 till 5.00 at Wreyfield Drive. The group is growing and thriving, and a very enjoyable activity for all involved. New members are always welcome!

These are just a few of the things that the churches are doing together in the area of Barrowcliff. There is also a great deal of prayer being offered on a regular basis for the estate and its people, and care and support is available in a variety of ways.

At this time we feel it is right to make the close relationship that exists between our churches more official, and so on Sunday September 16th 2012 at 6.30 pm at St. Mark’s Church the five local churches will be signing a Covenant, as a pledge to continue to work together to support this area of Scarborough in every way possible. As partners with other agencies in helping to make Barrowcliff a better place fro everyone, the churches want to make our commitment to the people of the area and to one another very clear. Everyone is invited to join us for this exciting event, which will include items by Barrowcliff Community Choir, and will be followed by refreshments in the church hall.

Barrowcliff Churches Covenant

We, the local churches around the Barrowcliff Estate, acknowledge that our common faith in Jesus Christ means we are called to serve God through loving our neighbour as we love ourselves. We also believe that when we work together as one body God will strengthen us by his Spirit and bless us in what we do. Therefore as God’s people committed to reaching out with the love of Christ, we pledge to: • Work together in serving the local community of Barrowcliff, through prayer; activities (both regular and occasional); in building relationships; and in reaching out to those most in need. • Work wherever it is possible with local residents, schools, the council and other agencies in the work of regeneration on the estate and specifically in relation to the “My Barrowcliff” plan”. • Pray regularly within our congregations for the work God is doing on the estate. • Meet regularly through the year to pray together and grow in our commitment to this ministry.

The local churches are:-