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Street & Youth Angels



As STREET ANGELS we're out on the streets late on a weekend night to be there for people when we're needed, particularly for those who are vulnerable or are in difficulty. Wearing our distinctive blue jackets we are visible presence on the streets helping to improve the safety of those who are using our bars, restaurants, theatres and public transport. We're building up relationships in our community, so that people know we are there to help and to be available to call the appropriate services if they are needed. How does this benefit the people of Scarborough? As a church led team of volunteers we aim to demonstrate the practical love of Christ on our streets, but the team is people from all backgrounds. Not all of us go to church, but we all want to make our town a better place to be

Youth Angels is a church based scheme, taking the practical love of christ onto the streets. It is expanding the current work of Street Angels to those aged 10 - 21. Currently going out on a Friday Night we are putting on diversionary activities and encouraging healthy life style choses. We operate detached work on Friday evenings. Through relationship and leadership Youth Angels can be more proactive than Street Angels and be involved in education towards a safer, more healthy lifestyle, including the avoidance of risky behaviour. We can provide knowledge and support to help young people to enjoy and achieve, to make a positive contribution and to achieve economic well-being. As Christians we believe an essential aspect of being healthy, staying safe, enjoying life and achieving is spiritual exploration and awareness.


We will be commencing our Angel Training for new volunteers on Monday 18th November at the Summit, St Nicholas Street, for 7:30pm.
If you would like to volunteer for Street Angels, Youth Angels or Community Angels then you can contact Brian Ward by email, Brian.ward@kingdomfaith.com or pop into the Summit and leave your details at the Hub or just turn up on Monday 18 November for 7:30pm