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Albemarle Baptist


Albermarle Crescent YO11 1XX
Albemarle Baptist
Disabled Access
Loop System
Sunday School
We gather together for worship at the following times: 
11:00am - ABC SUNDAY
Traditional Worship Service including hymns, message, prayers and everything you'd expect. Open Table Communion on the third and fifth Sundays in the month.
A lively, contemporary, inter-cultural, inclusive worship experience where everyone is welcome and all Christian traditions from around the world will be shared, explored and embraced.
ALSO ....
9:30 - 11:00am - ABC TOTS
Calling all pre-school aged children: For just £1:00 you can bring an adult to the church hall for some coffee and a sit down while you enjoy the biggest selection of toys and games you have ever seen in one place at one time.
11:00am to 1:00pm - ABC Café
On just about every Wednesday throughout the year you can come and have a chat over a piping hot bowl of freshly made soup or some coffee and cake. It's very friendly and informal and anyone and everyone is invited. CALORIE COUNTING IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!
2:30 to 3:30pm - ABC Bible Institute
During this hour we study the Bible in more depth. It's a bit more formal and theological than most Bible Studies in local churches - a little more like a Bible School or Seminary actually. Our most recent studies have been 'The Tabernacle of Moses' and 'The Book of Romans'. The next topic will be 'Missions and Evangelism'. If there is a subject you'd like to study please contact Rev. Julie Wardman on 07788 806867.